My Yearly Goals

Financial Investor Yearly Goals.

Yearly Goals

Green = Met or Exceeded Goal

Red = Did Not Meet

Orange = In Progress

2017 Yearly Goals:

Personnel Growth:

Quit Job & Move to become a Network or Systems Engineer, build my platform of skills to new levels.

Investment Goal:

Follow Market Changes, Change Investing Strategy.

Current Goal 4+ Dividend Payments Per Month with 4% Avg Yield Per Year.

500 Subscribers on YouTube!


2018 Yearly Goals:

Personnel Growth:

Get Certified in Security/Networking
Continue to Teach My Son
Always Be Better & Improve. (Knowledge Is Good!)

Investment Goal:

Continue To Hold Dividend Stocks, 200$ Per Month In Dividend Pay, Keep 4% Avg Yield Per Year.

Max Roth IRA for 2018, $5,500

1500 Subscribers On YouTube!


2019 Yearly Goals:

Personnel Growth:

Teach My Son Personal Finance (Saving, Building Wealth)
Read 5 Books On Real Estate, Personal Finance – Create Review Videos (Knowledge Is Good!)

Investment Goal:
Max Roth IRA for 2019, $6,000
5,000 Subscribers On YouTube!
Generate $500 In Passive Income (Dividends, YouTube, Etc)
Build Real Estate Business (Add 2 More Doors)
Release 2 New Google Play Apps + Get iOS Licence & Release (4) Apps iOS.


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Yearly Goals

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