Choosing & Growing Your Business

Starting a business successfully can be tough, and not all individuals are brave enough to venture and take the risks of starting a new business.  However, Choosing something you’ll enjoy and have experience in can help keep it simple vs. complicated.

In order to start a business, choose your niche, what are YOU interested in and have experience doing.


What Is Your Staff situation?

Hiring staff will cost you an amount of money for sure.  On top of that you will need to train your new staff , before you will get any benefit from them.  Once trained though, you will be able to think further about your business while your staff is there to help you.

Building Your Business.

You need to build your business in order to survive current conditions.  Whenever you have spare time, jot down information on a notepad of ways you could grow, and make sure that it is beneficial for you.

Duplicate Yourself.

Your business has stabilized and you trust others to handle essential jobs in your business.  This is the point you begin to hire an assistant manager, this is not always easy – but will help you run your business and make money for you while you are not.  It is important to choose the right person who is passionate with your business.

Duplicate The Business.

Once you find out that your business is profitable, stable and in good condition, get your business duplicated!  You now have the experience with hiring a staff, building your business and can branch out to create another.  This is how some multimillion dollar companies are made, do this yourself if you too want to become a millionaire.


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