Dividend Income

Financial Investor Dividend Income To Date!

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Dividend Income

In 2004, When I started investing in the Stock Market I only invested in Funds and ETF’s, but soon grew to invest into single stocks such as BABA. AMZN, EXPE, W, NFLX, GOOGLThese are amazing companies, but I decided to change my investment tactic.

In May 2017, I changed my goal and started building a Diverse Dividend Portfolio.  I still continued to hold a number of Funds/ETFs inside other accounts but wanted to also generate an income-producing portfolio. 

I switched to M1 Finance at the start of 2018 due to their $0 commission, partial shares, and retirement accounts.  Read the full M1 Finance Review Here.

M1 Finance

Equity changes daily it can go Positive one day and into the Negative the next.

Dividends are a constant and absolute once they have been paid, as long as financially sound companies continue to grow their revenue, earnings, net income and raise their dividend.

I don’t have to sell a stock or do anything to receive a payout in CASH in my account.

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Dividend Income

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