Invested My First 100$ Using Robinhood!

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Invested My First 100

Want To Find Out How I Invested My First 100$ Using Robinhood?

Total Spending Limit 100$:

What am I looking for, as I look to buy my first stock on Robinhood?

  • 1 Year Growth 7%+
  • P/E in Sector Below 20, Forward P/E ~10
  • Dividend Yeild 3-6%
  • 60% of Lower Payout Ratio
  • Dividend Growth 10+ Years (Increased Dividend Through Recession)

4 Stocks Below

Ticker Shares Company Name Price Div Yield A Income Q Income
ABBV 1.00 AbbVie Inc $71.73 $2.56 3.57% $2.56 $0.64
ABT 2.00 Abbott Laboratories $47.94 $1.06 2.21% $2.12 $0.53
CL 1.00 Colgate-Palmolive Company $73.45 $1.60 2.18% $1.60 $0.40
FL 1.00 Foot Locker, Inc. $50.08 $1.24 2.48% $1.24 $0.31

How did my choice do compared to my prerequisites ?

  • 1 Year Growth: 13.09%
  • P/E in Sector Below 20: 18.47
  • Forward P/E ~10: 10.98
  • Dividend Yeild 3-6%: 3.57%
  • 60% of Lower Payout Ratio: 46.4%
  • Dividend Growth 10+ Years (Increased Dividend Through Recession) 44Yrs

Do you agree with my choice of ABVV? What would you of chosen if given these 4 choices, I did primarly choose these for their ex-dividend date coming up next week, but ABVV was a stock I have on my watch list to review and purchase shares of in the future.

We Covered Investing My First 100$ Using Robinhood! Stay Tuned Till Next Time!


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