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I’m sharing a few built Investment Portfolios, you can choose one or change them to collect income and grow your wealth.

Disclaimer: Investing in securities involves risks, you should be aware of prior to making an investment decision, including the possible loss of principal.  An investment in individual stocks, or a collection of stocks focused on a particular theme or idea, may be subject to increased risk of price fluctuation over more diversified holdings due to adverse developments which can affect a particular industry or sector.  Investments in ETFs can include those with a narrow or targeted investment strategy and can be subject to similar sector risks than more broadly diversified investments.  Financial Investor makes no representation regarding the suitability of a particular investment or investment strategy.  YOU are responsible for all investment decisions YOU make including understanding the risks involved with YOUR investment strategy.



Financial Investor’s Portfolios:

My Own Current Portfolio:

Financial Investor’s Essential Stocks:

Financial Investor’s – Baseline Portfolio

Financial Investor’s – Dividend Aristocrats

High Dividend Growth Portfolio 1:

Financial Investor’s – FAANNGS:

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Investment Portfolios

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I am not a Financial Adviser or Tax Professional the information provided is my opinion for entertainment and fun. This is just me a Financial Investor trying to help others make their money work for them.

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