M1 Finance Review 2019!

M1 Finance Review 2019!

M1 Finance
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M1 Finance Review: Platform Highlights

  • M1 Finance is a Great choice for Beginners.
  • $0 Stock & ETF Buys & Sells.
  • Partial Shares down to .00001 Shares.
  • Both Taxable & Retirement Accounts (IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA)
  • Scheduled Deposits Daily, Weekly,  or Monthly.
  • Automated Investing, Set Your Portfolio & Let It Go!
  • Promotion: New investors get the current bonus of $10-$20 for signing up.

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What Is M1 Finance?

M1 Finance is a commission-free Stock and ETF broker, which was designed for the passive investor who enjoys setting a schedule and letting their investments go to work.  M1 was designed for both active and passive investors, using partial shares it gives all investors the ability to buy their favorite stocks regardless of price.  The platform was specifically designed for long term investors who enjoy setting deposit schedules, being fully invested in the stock market and collecting and reinvesting dividends.  So, if you are looking for a great platform where you can trade for $0, set scheduled deposits and enjoy automated investing M1 is the perfect option.

(Left) App Platform | (Right) Web Platform

M1 Finance Promotion – $10-$20 On Sign Up!

Using M1 Finance, When you sign up through a referral link you get $10, on special promos you can get $20, create your free account, fund your account within 90 days ($100 minimum for taxable accounts and $500 minimum for IRAs), and maintain that initial qualifying deposit for 90 days.

Once signed up, invite your family, friends and share M1 to also get $10-$20 for referring new investors to the platform!

M1 Finance Referral


Click Here To Get Started M1 Finance + Sign Up Bonus

$0 Commissions

Using M1 Finance, you have access to trade over 4,000 US-Listed Stocks and nearly 2,000 ETF all for FREE.  You can also build custom pies, which are similar to ETF’s, only you choose what stocks and ETFs go into them. $0 commission and partial shares meaning you can buy Apple, Amazon or even Google down to .00001 shares all for FREE.


Account Types

M1 Finance offers both taxable and retirement accounts.

In a Taxable Account, if you make money because your investments go up in value, or because your investments pay you dividends or interest, this income will be taxed.  Taxes depend on the type and source of the gains or the income you earn in a given period.

In a Retirement Account, if you make money because your investments go up in value, or because your investments pay you dividends or interest, this income will not be taxed right now, but on withdrawal or possibly never depending on the type of account.

Trade Window & Order Types

M1 Finance offers the following trade selection;

  • M1’s trading window begins at 9 am CT every day the NYSE market is open and runs until all orders have been completed.
  • Buy Order Types – Market.
  • Sell Order Types – Market.


M1 Finance Design and UI

M1 Finance has a simple interface and doesn’t offer as many features as other platforms so it makes learning the platform easy for beginners.  M1 has 4 main tabs which include Invest, Spend, Borrow, and Research.  If you are strictly using the platform to invest you will mainly use Invest and Research.

  1. Invest (Portfolio): The main dashboard which will show your Portfolio Value, Market Gains, Earned Dividends and shows your Money-Weighted % Return.
  2. Invest (Activity): Shows recent activities such as Deposits, Paid Dividends, Buy Orders, Sell Orders and Pending Activities as well.
  3. Invest (Holdings): M1 Finance holdings shows all your account holdings with their Shares, Avg. Price, Cost Basis, Value, and Unrealized Gain.
  4. Invest (Funding): Here you have access to your Auto-Invest Feature, Set Deposits, and Schedules, see Upcoming or Recent Transfers and Contributions History.
  5. Research: Brief overview of the SPY, DIA, QQQ and Market News, Here you can locate Stocks, Funds, Create Pies, See Expert Pies and do Simple Research.

M1 Finance Paid Features

M1 Finance Investment features are all FREE, but if you are looking for more they offer other services such as Borrow and Spend.

  1. M1 (Borrow): Allows you access to a portfolio line of credit up to 35% of your account balance at a 4.25% rate.
  2. M1 Spend: The M1 Standard is a basic checking account with no perks, for $125 or $100 First Year M1 Plus will provide;
    a. 1.5% APY on Checking
    b. 1% Cashback on Debit
    c. Second trading window
    d. Discounts on M1 Borrow by .25%

Is M1 Finance Legitimate?

M1 Finance is fully legal and they use Apex Clearing Corporation to clear trades and are registered with the SEC to operate in all 50 states (and 2 territories). They have Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) insurance, so your balance is protected up to $500,000 (with a $250,000 limit on cash). This is to protect against fraud, not loss of value.

How does M1 Finance compare to competitors?

M1 Finance closest competitor would be Betterment or WealthFront.  M1 Finance is a hybrid with Robo/Self-Directed features and No Fees.  Betterment and Wealthfront, on the other hand, both have annual fee’s of .25% starting, this cost is due to their added services they provide. M1 is a great platform and once mastered could be your one-stop broker, but if you are looking for some personalized financial advice, tax-saving strategies, auto-rebalancing you may choose to upgrade for that fee.


  • $0 TRADES & NO FEES: Where other firms would charge you $4.95 per trade, M1 Finance does not do that savings hundreds if not thousands of dollars when investing through them long term.
  • Fractional Share Investing: Have only $10 to invest today, no problem you can buy .00001 of s share of your favorite stocks.
  • FRIP (Automatic Dividend Reinvestment): Reinvest your dividend for free using fractional shares.
  • Create Your Own Pies: Using M1 Finance you can build your own diversified portfolio, only it has no expense ratio.
  • Passive and Daily Investing Features: Create a deposit schedule and let M1 auto-invest based off your set targets, or turn the auto investing and manually invest.
  • Taxable and Retirement Accounts: Get Started with either a Taxable or Retirement account.
  • Low Account Minimum: $100 to get started with a Taxable, $500 for a Retirement.
  • Referral Program: Once you’ve started referrals friends, family and more.
  • It’s on Mobile and PC so easy to access via phone, so you can essentially buy/sell stocks while on the go.


  • Only basic order types are supported.
  • No Tax-Loss Harvesting as some competitors offer.
  • No Mid Day Active Trading.

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