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Free Investing Tools

PE Ratio by Sector

PE Ratio by Sector offers Current PE, Trailing PE, Forward PE for all Sectors(US).

Dividend Information

Dividend is my favorite website for finding the current dividend, ratio, history and more! It’s simply amazing!

DripInvesting is an amazing dividend website as a source of information. The DRiP Investing Resource Center
Your Location For Dividend Reinvesting Information

Dividend History for most dividend-paying stocks with complete payout histories, increase announcements, growth, yield.

Dividend Channel is a great website check if you had invested in AAPL in 2000, where you would sit now.

The Street Dividend Calendar by Month (Great To See By Date)

Sure Dividend helps individual investors build high-quality dividend growth portfolios for the long run.

Monthly Dividends From SureDividend

Insider Buying Information

Insider Money!

Open Insider

Compare Funds / ETF’s

ETF Comparison

Markets ETF Compare Tool

All Round Info Site

Stock Row Information Website

Free Stock Screener

FinViz has a FREE stock screener and a bunch of other fun tools.

FinScreener offers Free Stock screener, Heatmap, Top Gainers & Losers.

Free Stock Ratings

FinanChill offers a FREE version of technical analysis on every stock in the market. They provide candlestick graphs and trade score.

Free Earnings Calendar Info

EarningsWhispers is an awesome website to find a companies score, estimated earnings, and their growth!

M1 Finance

Stock Information, Many Investors Opinions and News

There are really TONS of website that offer free information on stocks, investor opinions and news – These are a few of ones I’ve used or continue to use.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Earnings Calendar

Google Finance

CNBC Finance



Reuters Markets

MSN Money

Seeking Alpha

Motley Fool





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