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I Started investing in 2004, through my TSP (Thrifts Savings Plan) using their available Funds, similar to using an Exchange Traded FundI was a Growth Investor between 2009-2017, investing in companies such as BABAAMZN, EXPE, W, NFLX, GOOG.  These were amazing companies that produced very good results, but in 2017 I felt the market was changing and times were going to getting different.

In May 2017, I changed my investment strategy and goals and started building a Dividend PortfolioI documented in videos why I had made the switch, and as of 2018 – we have trended nowhere but sideways.  While the market may not be moving anywhere I am getting paid dividends which are being reinvested to build my share count and future dividend income. 

I now primarily use M1 Finance as it provides $0 commissions, partial shares down to .00001 shares and retirement accounts.  Check Out My Review of M1 Finance Here.

* Warnings Just Because I’m Invested In A Stock, Does Not Mean You Should Be Too.  Always Do Your Own Research! *

M1 Finance

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2 thoughts on “My Stock Portfolio

  1. Really nice portfolio you’ve got there. I’m just curious about your shares in KO, its rather low but KO has been increasing divs for 57 years, whats your thought about Coca Cola?

    1. Hello DL,

      KO is a great company, I had started to buy around $45 in March where I felt it was valued, and it spiked near $50. We have lots of volatility out there, and while I like KO as a long term play, there are other positions I’m negative in and dollar avging into them in order to lower unit cost, while increasing my yield on cost, and higher dividend output. If KO falls back into the $45 range – I’ll buy more shares, but my current focus is Healthcare, Oil, REITs While they are down for the year.

      Thanks for commenting!

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