Stock Market News – Dec 4-8, 2017

Weekly Recap & Swing Trading Dec 4-Dec 8!

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I Hope Everyone Had A Great Week Of Trading, Lets Go Ahead & Dive Into It!


Weekly Index Recap:

S&P 500: +.35%

DOW: +.40%

NASDAQ: -.11%




Weekly Dividends:

No Dividends This Week, Zip, Zero, None.  Next Week!



Weekly Swing Trades:

Swing trades are done inside my Roth IRA to avoid paying taxes on Capital Gains & Dividends.

I only swing trade DIVIDEND stocks that I prep and investigated prior, I’ll buy and hold through Ex-Dividend and then wait for the stock to recover before selling.


4Dec17 – Bought 7 Shares (IR) $85.56 (Ex-Div Thursday $.45 Per Share)

8Dec17 – Sold 7 Shares (IR) $88.05 ( +$17.36 + Div $3.15 = $20.51 Total Gain)


7Dec17 – Bought 4 Shares (CATO) $15.72 (Ex-Div Thursday $.33 Per Share)


8Dec17 – Bought 13 Shares (SCG) $45.24 (Ex-Div Monday $.6125 Per Share)


8Dec17 -Bought 7 Shares (GCI) $11.32 (Ex-Div Monday $.16 Per Share)


I’m holding CATO, SCG, GCI going into next week.



We Covered Weekly Recap & Swing Trading Dec 4-Dec 8!



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